Diary of Sarah McClure

Zombie Chronicles

Diary of Sarah McClure: Time will tell (Book III)

While issues continue for publishing books I and II, I got bored and began  writing book III…enjoy.

Diary of Sarah McClure: Time will tell

Chapter 1

They’d been out three days now and Sarah was ready to go home.  The batteries had died on their walkie talkies, the food was gone as of yesterday, and they only had a few sips of water left.  They had to do something, and do it quick.  She looked over at her sister, Michelle, and daughter, Skye.  They were currently playing poker with a deck of cards that Skye had stashed in her backpack.  Nothing seemed to bother them.  Zombie holocaust be damned, they weren’t changing for anybody or anything.

Michelle looked suspiciously at Skye.  “It’s just not possible to win six games in a row.”

“What?  Are you saying I’m cheating?…Prove it!”  Skye said, a bemused look on her face.

“Aha, see, that’s exactly what cheaters say!”  Michelle said accusingly.

Skye gave a hearty “pfffft”, “And that’s what losers always say…it’s your turn loser”

If Michelle had changed in any way, it was adapting to the role of being a mother to Toby, a boy they had found in a car surrounded by zombies.  And while she was slightly unconventional in her use of certain language during stressful parental situations, her love and care for the boy was apparent.

Sarah smiled. She wondered what Ian and the others were doing back at home?
Her husband, Ian, had adapted quite well to camp life.  When they first arrived he joined the food producing group and in no time at all proved to be an invaluable asset by rigging up an irrigation system for their crops and by coming up with various other contraptions.  In fact, Sarah jokingly called him “professor”, not only because it was his profession in the time before zombies, but with all of his inventions he reminded her of the professor on Gilligan’s Island.  Maybe after this little incident, she should have him rig up some kind of coconut telephone system.

Frank (not his real name), Ian’s mid-eastern sidekick, assisted Ian and proved that he also had a knack for inventions.  His lighthearted war of words with Lance, or “cowboy” as Frank liked to call him, was still on-going.  Frank has lightened up considerably since joining our group.  His mastery of sarcasm was much bemoaned by Lance.

Lance, who had been in nursing school, was now head of our medical team.  He is also one of our two helicopter pilots, Chas, Skye’s high school sweetheart, being the other.
Sarah thought about all the changes she had gone through. From their roof top rescue, or hell, take it back even further to when all of this craziness first happened, she had went from a wife and mother, to survivor, and finally a sergeant at the semi-militaristic camp they currently called home.  And that is why it was her fault that they were sitting in an abandoned city garage, surrounded by zombies, after a supply run gone-wrong.  She closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead.  Their fearless leader, aka Richard, had insisted that they go out, despite the fact that something had stirred up the zombies and there were literally thousands of them milling about the gates and town.    She should have refused to put herself and the others in that kind of danger.  But she said nothing, and now they were paying the price.  Sarah silently promised the others that if they ever got out of this situation alive, she’d never make that mistake again.  But if she were to be perfectly honest with herself, she loved challenges, and this sort of thing was right up her alley.  And perhaps that was the biggest change that Sarah had gone through.  She took chances. She pushed herself. Not that she didn’t value her life, hanging from the roof with a couple hundred ravenous zombies at your feet can give you an appreciation for that. She just loved to feel alive.  Besides, losing was not an option.  To lose meant that you would become the exact opposite of alive…the living dead.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted as a young man approached her, “Sergeant, you should come take a look at this.”
“Show me” Sarah said
She got up and followed him through a door that led to the back of the garage.  Michelle and Skye trailed behind her.

Chapter 2

The young man, affectionately known as “pup” (for his habit of following Sarah around like a puppy) led Sarah and the others out the back door into a fenced in area. Zombies pushed against the chain link, struggling to reach them as they ascended rusty, metal steps that led to the roof.
Sarah stood on the rooftop looking through binoculars, “Well, I’m looking, what the hell am I supposed to be seeing?”

Pup turned the binoculars to a point left of where she was looking.  “The smoke, ma’am…isn’t that the direction of camp?”

“Oh shit, it is.” Sarah replied.

Michelle grabbed the binoculars, “Let me see”

Sarah looked at the zombies that surrounded the building they were in.  “They’ve thinned out some, there’s a chance we could make it.  An even better chance if there was some kind of distraction.”

“The only way to do that is to split the group. Have some stay behind while others go for help, or TO help, whatever the case may be.” Michelle said, placing the binoculars in Skye’s waiting hand.

Pup looked at Sarah, “Ma’am…orders?”

“Call the others together, we have a decision to make.” Sarah said.

The plan was simple.  Group one would stay behind and make as much racket as they could at the front of the building, while Group two, which included Sarah, Skye, Michelle, Pup and five others, exited from the back.  As long as it thinned out the zombies in the back, they could take care of them and slip away.
Sarah looked over her group.  She knew without question that Michelle and Skye could take care of themselves.  Pup she was worried about.  What the hell was she thinking, allowing him to come along for this trip?  Although he was roughly the same age as Skye, his maturity level was sometimes not there.  But he had been begging to come along on a supply run for ages and she had ran out of excuses, other than to tell him he needed to grow up.  Of course, Skye would have had no problem telling him to buzz off, his awkward attempts to impress Sarah irritated her.  As for Michelle, those awkward situations amused her, and she was constantly egging him on, and Sarah, in return, tried to “sic” him on Michelle.  But most of the time she just felt bad for him, the zombies had made him an orphan and she was sure that she must remind him of his deceased mother.
Skye nudged her mother, breaking her train of thought, “Mom, they’ve started out front.”

Chas removed his cap and scratched his head. “No offense Mr. McClure, but this sucks.”

Ian closed his eyes, his face positioned upwards, as if he was praying for patience, “None taken Chas.”

Their current position was huddling behind some boxes in a storage area of the food mart.  A rival survival group had invaded their camp, and Ian had rightly guessed that they would spare torching the food mart to raid it later.  What he hadn’t counted on was that they would take the time to search the building and find them.  A search that was taking place now.
“Do you think Frank and Lance made it?” asked Chas

A genuine smile broke over Ian’s face, despite the circumstances, “I don’t know, but if they did, and they’re together, let’s just say there will certianly be an interesting story to tell later.”

A gunshot reminded them of their situation and they held their breath as they heard footsteps fast approaching where they were hiding.  Along with the gunfire there was the unmistakable sound of the undead and their shuffling gait.
A horrified look came over Ian’s face, “Oh my God, they’ve let the zombies inside the camp.”

“We are so dead.” Chas whispered.

Chapter 3

The zombies were spread out enough that Sarah decided it was safe to leave. Any stray zombies would be easy to run past. Before setting out Sarah pulled Skye aside. “Keep an eye on Pup, he might freeze.”

“I’ll watch him…but don’t expect me to clean up after him.” Skye responded with a hint of annoyance.

They worked their way through the city. The air became thick with smoke as they closed the distance between them and the camp. The main gates were thrown open and zombies were free to wander in. Most of the shops that they had built-up were now consumed by the flames. Sarah looked upon the bodies that littered the ground, some were friends, some were acquaintances. And as horrifying as it was to see everybody dead, it was more horrific seeing the faces of her friends that had now joined the ranks of the undead.

Sarah’s eyes finally settled upon the body of a woman laying face down not more than ten feet from where they stood. The exit wound on the back of skull would indicate that the lady had been shot at close-range by a shotgun. There wasn’t one inch of her body that hadn’t been touched by the zombies. Her intestines were eaten and torn apart, strewn about on the ground beside her. Pieces of flesh clung to the shattered remains of her ribcage, which had been broken open and stripped clean of the organs it once protected. At first glance the corpse appeared to be lifeless, but then a gasp escaped from Skye as she noticed the body shifting to the left.

“That’s not possible!” Michelle said. “It’s been shot in the head!”

“Oh Jesus…” Sarah breathed, as she noticed a tiny arm jet out from beneath the body.

“It’s just a baby!” Skye stated.

“It can’t be any older than two years old.” Michelle added.

In disgust they watched as another arm followed the first one as it began clawing at the ground trying to free itself from its dead mother. When he was finally free, he turned towards them and it was not a toddler’s smile that greeted them, but the malevolent gaze of a predator that needed to feed. It made several attempts to get to its feet and then began staggering towards them. Just as it reached out its tiny hand to grab for Sarah, a shot rang out and a perfect circle of blood appeared on the boy’s forehead as he collapsed to the ground.

“What in the hell is wrong with you people?” They jumped from the sound of an unfamiliar voice, just as another gunshot cracked through the air and an unnoticed zombie collapsed to the ground right by them.

Everyone turned to see a young man with a rifle in his hands and an expression of disbelief. His eyes moved onto Sarah  and immediately noticed the Sergeant patch. “You’re a Sergeant for Christ’s sake! Don’t you know how to use your gun?”

Without missing a beat, Sarah aimed her gun right at his forehead. “Yes, I do.”

“Mother!” Skye hissed.

The young man moved to aim his weapon, but then saw the odds were stacked against him and he grudgingly lowered his rifle.

Michelle took a few steps towards the man and poked him in the chest. “Who the hell are you and why shouldn’t we shoot your ass right now?”

“Gabriel.” He said through gritted teeth, his glare meeting hers before he continued, “And seeing as I just saved your asses, I think you owe me one.”

Sarah walked up to him and patted him sarcastically upon the cheek. “Put it on my tab, sweetie.” She emphasized the word before brushing past him and began barking orders at the others to secure the gate, while she busied herself shooting zombies that wandered into view.

Having not moved from their positions, Michelle folded her arms across her chest as she continued staring at the new comer. “So, what’s it gonna be Hotdog?” She asked. “Are you going to stay or are you going to leave? Once those gates are sealed no one is getting out for a while.”

Gabriel looked away from her as he seemed to ponder this. Skye took this time to notice just how rugged and yet defined his features were. The man had short dirty blonde hair and fierce hazel eyes. He wore a simple black t-shirt that fitted well against his toned body, and a pair of tan khaki pants with some boots. A sense of guilt washed over her as she slowly came to realize she was checking this young man out. She desperately tried to think of Chas but the struggle was pointless as she kept staring into Gabriel’s face. However, she finally managed to look away from him only to find Michelle smirking at her.

His response didn’t come in a way of words at first, as he raised his rifle to put down another zombie in the distance. After a moment he lowered his weapon and looked Michelle in the eyes. “Guess I’m stayin.” He stated before walking off to hunt zombies, Skye’s gaze following him as he did so.

Skye felt a soft pat on her back as Michelle said, “Let’s go find Chas, I bet you’re worried sick about him.”



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