Diary of Sarah McClure

Zombie Chronicles

Interesting Zombie Chronicles Facts

Sarah McClure is an ancestor name and was also a name I considered when I was planning on legally changing my name. The Sarah character is me.

The Michelle character is modeled after my sister Jeri, but is named for one of the most avid readers of my old blog, The Dragon’s Den.

The Ian character is  my husband.

Hunter was the name of my black lab, when I began writing.

Our family (the McClures) belonged to the MacCleod clan in Scotland, which has a branch off of it called the MacLeod’s of Skye. We are of the Harris branch.

Skye is  my youngest daughter Tess, who can indeed sword fight a bit and knows some self-defense.

My oldest daughter was the model for the Allie character, but wanted her killed off because I got the name and boyfriend’s name wrong. So the Melissa character was born.

Lance and Amy attended the same University as I did, we took Anthropology together.


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